Interview With TravisDooleats

If you didn’t know that Travis was a food critic, well now you do. Weston talks to Travis about his experience with reviewing food for over a year, his favorite meals along the way, and what started it all. Follow Travis on Instagram @TravisDooleats to keep up with his critiques as well as to give him suggestions on restaurants to try! Also, don’t forget to follow the podcast @DishItOutPodcast on Instagram to keep up to date with new episodes and to hit Travis and Weston with suggestions for future topics!

Ep 7 Traveling with Shaylyn Hubbell

Travis and Weston sat down with Shaylyn, an art education major at the University of Kansas and Travis' girlfriend, to talk about our travels from this summer! We understand this is a long episode, but don't let that deter you from listening to the entirety of this episode. We had a blast talking about our individual trips and how they all seemed to intertwine in some way! If you aren't interested in listening to the entire episode, here are the timestamps in which we each began talking about our trip. 

Travis: 5:05

Shaylyn: 30:41

Weston: 1:52:50

Ep 8 Ross Wooten

Ross and I talk about the copying of styles and how it isn't a bad thing, his own podcast 'Scraps Podcast', how approaching projects differs with the client, and Ross' different expressions outside of filmmaking and photography. Don't forget to Rate and Subscribe so others can find 'We The Creatives'!

Ep 7

I do something new and do an episode on my own. I talk about my absence from We The Creatives for the past month, what I've been up to, and why I started We The Creatives in the first place. Don't hate on my first solo podcast too much! 

Ep 6 Luciano Fasani

The first of hopefully many more podcasts that were off the beaten path in terms of not talking to what most people refer to as a 'traditional creative'. Luciano and I talk about video games, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (VR and AR), where it started and where its headed in the future.